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Hossein Saadatzi

Mohammad-Hossein Saadatzidid his undergraduate in Robotics engineering in Shahrood University of Technology, and also received his masters in Mechatronics engineering from K.N.ToosiUniversity of Technology. His academic background and interests are in the interdisciplinary fields of robotics and control.For his bachelor’s final project, he has worked on the kinematics, dynamics, and control of serial mechanisms. During his masters, he has worked on the analysis and design of parallel mechanisms in an international project, results of which have been published in several prestigious journals and conferences. He also has worked as a TA for courses like nonlinear control and robotics. In his graduation, he was announced as the top student of the Mechatronics department among 17 students. He was also received the IEEE Iran section’s Best MSc Thesis award. Since graduation, He has been researching for the lab of his advisor, Dr. Tale-Masouleh, and been advising some students of his. He also works part time as an R&D engineer in the fields of control and INS algorithms for robots.

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