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SiavashTavakoli Siavash Tavakoli received his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from K.N. Toosi University of Technology in 2009. He did his Bachelors thesis in the field of Virtual Reality to implement the software of ASARun, a 3 Degrees-Of-Freedom driving simulator built entirely in K.N. Toosi University of Technology. His tasks included designing and implementing a plug-in for the graphics engine of the simulator in C++ programming language that would read Inputs from hardware sources, solve various differential equations to calculate dynamic state of the car based on the inputs and apply the proper changes the outputs (update graphical environment and send corresponding instructions to actuators of the platform). After graduation, H remained a research engineer in the VR lab of KNTU and continued research in the area of motion simulators. He has done research work on motion cueing algorithms to produce more realistic motion in driving simulators with 3 degrees-of-freedom platforms. While working in the VR lab in KNTU, Siavash met Dr. Tale Masouleh. He collaborated on a project aimed at developing a software for real-time kinematic analysis of the Gough-Stewart family robots in which it is possible to solve IKP and FKP of this family of robots for both constant and time-varying actuators lengths in a real-time manner. He has also contributed to other robotic projects under supervision of Dr. Tale Masouleh such as position control of a pneumatically actuated Gough-Stewart robot and a 3 DOF parallel robot, namely Tripteron. His main contribution in these projects has been in the section of data acquisition and control.
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