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SarvenazChaeibakhsh Sarvenaz Chaeibakhsh is the manager of engineering associations in Manzoumeh Kherad institute. She is also a member of Human and Robotic Interaction Laboratory. Her current projects widely include kinematics of parallel mechanisms, with regard to algebraic geometry. In addition to priors, she is engaged in designing and manufacturing an exploration rover robot project. Sarvenaz was born on December 16, 1989, in Tehran, Iran. In 2008, she enrolled in Khaje Nasir University of Technology, in Tehran, and received her Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering, in 2013. Her professional interests focus on robotics. Her previous professional experience includes designing and manufacturing mobile robots, such as deminer robot, wall climber robot, rescue robot, etc. She also served as schools’ robotic teams’ supervisor and was honored with appreciation plates for her contribution to teaching and supervising. Out of school and far away from work, Sarvenaz has many interests, most of which are related to sport. Swimming and horseback riding are her favorite sports. Her other favorite activity is coal painting.
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