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ImanYahaypour Iman Yahaypour received his B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering at Iran University of Science and Technology in 2011. His main researches interest included the properties of Composite materials, specially the effects of low velocity impacts on Composite materials and other hybrid materials such as Fiber Metal Laminates. He also cooperated in the project of modifying and utilizing the Drop Weight Impact Test System of the Composite Research Laboratory at the Mechanical department of Iran University of Science and Technology. Afterwards, in October 2011, he entered the Faculty of New Sciences and Technologies of Tehran University in order to continue his studies as a M.Sc. student of Mechatronics Engineering. His main researches in his M.Sc. studies are focused on dynamic modeling, analysis and simulation of serial and parallel mechanisms. Iman is also working as a member of research teams at the Human and Robot Interaction Laboratory (TAAR Lab.), which are working on redesigning and manufacturing of two parallel mechanisms, named as “The Agile Eye” and “The Tripteron”. Iman’s hobbies and interests include swimming, reading books, jogging and amateur photographing.
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