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photo 2017 08 04 16 58 35 Parastoo Azizinezhad is a Bachelor student in Robotic Engineering in Tehran-North branch of Islamic Azad University. She is a researcher at Taarlab since September 2016 after successfully finishing Courses for Training Robotic Researcher. She has done projects on mobile robots which contains control, path planning, electronic, simulation and dynamic. The recently finished project was designing and controlling a Mecanum-wheeled Robot and controlling a mobile robot with a haptic wearable glove in the Taarlab’s ARMS group. At the moment, she is also designing a robotic manipulator for implementing on the mobile robots. Meanwhile she is actively working in the areas of ROS, Arduino, MATAB, MSC Adams and SOLIDWORKS. In the other hand, she experiences teamwork and the theoretical subjects. In her free time, she enjoys swimming, walking and hanging out with her friends and family. Furthermore, she is really interested in driving and cars too.
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