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 20170312 110850 Mehdi Azmoun received the B.Eng. Degree in Electrical engineering (Power) from the University of Zanjan, Zanjan, Iran, in 2013. The title of his bachelor thesis was “Investigating the Effects of Compensators in the Transmission Network and Simulating an Item of Compensators” under the supervision of Dr. Saeid Jalilzadeh.
In 2015, he passed the entrance exam for M.Sc. degree in Mechatronics Eng. at University of Tehran. He got the rank 40. He is a member of Human and Robot Interaction Laboratory (TaarLab) at the faculty of new sciences and technologies and he started working on Identification and Control of a 4-dof Delta Parallel Robot Based on Kinematic Equations. Mehdi is also a member of Delta group in TaarLab.
His research interests are design optimal control systems, and programable logic controller (PLC) programming. Also Mehdi’s hobbies are football, reading English, playing Guitar and listen to music.
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