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Saman Esfahani received his bachelor of mechanical engineering from Iran University of Science and technology in 2005-2010. His bachelor thesis is about stress analysis of dental implant screws and its coating under different chewing load distributions using finite element methods. He received the master of mechanical engineering from K. N. Toosi University of Technology in 2010-2012. The main aim of his master thesis is about wrench-feasible workspace of redundant planar cable-driven robots and its optimization via Interval-Analysis based algorithms; moreover, motion control of these robots is applied by a classic fuzzy controller (FLC) which provides a precise response over nonlinear trajectories.

His main researches interest consist of the kinematic and dimensional snthesis of parallel mechanisms, linear and nonlinear control of mechanical systems (including fuzzy logic methods) and identification of mechanical and economical systems using ANFIS (adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system).

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