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Mostafa Mahmoodi received his Mechanical Engineering B.Sc. degree (GPA 17.7/20) from Qazvin Islamic Azad University (QIAU- 2005 to 2009). He is a founder of Vehicular Research Center at QIAU. He did his Bachelor thesis in the field of Smart Vehicles to implement in the Parax Electric Vehicle project. He was also attended in Parax Hybrid-Electric Vehicle project that started in 2009 at QIAU. Mostafa was involved in research in the robotics field in last year of his B.Sc. study at the Mechatronics Research Laboratory (MRL) as a head of control and mechanics group of Middle Size Soccer Robot division. After graduation, He started work at TAM Irankhodro company for a year. He has valuable experiences in design and implementation of advanced robotics and automated system due to work there. Currently, he is a M.Sc. student in Mechanical Eng.-Applied Design at QIAU. Mostafa has also been an active participant of IranOpen and RoboCup competitions since 2008.

His professional interests focus on Evolutionary-Based Optimization and Design Study, Motion Planning, Kinematics and Dynamics of Mobile, Serial and Parallel Robots, Computer Algebra Systems and Computational Advanced Programming, etc., and he has done several project related to these fields such as Parax EV, Parax HEV, MSL V01, MSL V02 as reflected in his CV, and he has also a two-year teaching experience on Robotics-Oriented, Applied Mathematics in Robotics and Modeling courses to graduate and undergraduate students in the MRL. His current projects in TaarLab include Motion Planning in Dynamic Environments. His main expert is Mechatronics Systems Design and Motion Planning, and he is fully expert in SolidWorks and CATIA. Now, Mostafa contributes in a projects related to design and development of a Legged Robot at MRL. Mostafa's hobbies and interests is Snowboarding, Traveling and cooking!

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