Human & Robot Interaction Lab. (TaarLab)

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The TaarLab is situated  on the second  floor of Faculty of New Sciences and Technologies,University of Tehran. The laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities located in one room. The network of computers includes PC work stations running under Linux and Windows. However, staffs are encouraged to use Linux and open source programs.
From industrial funding, the TAAR laboratory is equipped now with four parallel robots, a NAO H25, a Boiloid , a Mindstorms, 7 e-pucks. The laboratory is also equipped with 7 servo motors, a complete set of servo-pneumatic equipments for a Gough-Stewart platform, three linear guides, four EX-106+  Dynamixel and three AX-12+ servo motors, two USB2Dynamixel  and one CMUcam 3.

NAO Humanoid Robot H25 v4

25 DoF



23 DoF


Parallel Robots


6 DoF



4 DoF


Agile-eye 2DoF

2 DoF



3 DoF

IMG 7229 

Mobile Robots






Rescue Robot



Cable-driven Parallel Manipulators

Cable-Driven Robot

6 DoF

IMG 7244 

Cable-Driven Robot

3 DoF

IMG 7279 

Serial Manipulators

Taarm: a 4-DOF serial manipulator

This manipulator contains four AX-12 Dynamixel actuators which are connected to PC via a USB2Dynamixel card.


Other Hardwares and modules

Emotiv EPOC Model 1.0

No.: 1

This headset is using for playing some games with thinking and with our brain, but some kinds of them gives us raw data of brain signals. We use this headset to get raw data of the brain signals. Our project is distinguishing eye movement signals from this raw data and use them on Agile 2D to simulate eye movement.


AC Servo Control Board

No.: 1

In order to drive the Tripteron robot in the torque control mode, a PCB is designed by Navid Kashi. This PCB generate the signals of the control and execute to the drivers of the AC-Servos. This driving board is designed based on Arduino-Mega2560, so users can easily program the Tripteron in the torque control mode by a USB cable and the Arduino IDE.


AC Servo Motor

No.: 6

AC-Servo motors are used as actuator in the robots with high precision that need accurate measurement, so TaarLab is equipped with 7 Bonmet AC-Servos. AC-Servo motors with 2KW power and nominal speed of 2000RPM and torque of 6N.m and resolution of the 10000 step per a revolute are available in the TaarLab.


Servo Driver

No.: 3


Stewart Conrol Board

No.: 1

This system operates with PIC 18 (PIC18f87k22) series microcontroller as the main core for collecting information, operating and communicating with computer.



No.: 1

A linear potentiometer, is used for measuring the length and position of the actuator spool in each chain of Gough-Stewart Platform.


Pressure Indicator

No.: 1

Two pressure indicator are used for measuring the output and input air pressures of the actuator cylinder in each chain of Gough-Stewart Platform.


Proportional Directional Flow

No.: 1

The proportional directional flow control valves are used to control the inhaling and exhaling air of the cylinders. These valves operate with electrical power and the flow rate of air is a function of input voltage applied. The standard operating range for these valves are within 0 to 10 Volts.


Linear Guide

No.: 1

Three Linear Guide is mounted on the Tripteron robot to translate the rotary movement to translational movement with the course of 100cm. The lead of this module is 200mm per a revolute. These modules can translate exact motions with high performance and speed.



No.: 1


PlayStation Eye

No.: 2

120 frames/second for pristine video quality and high quality Sound recording with the built-in 4 microphone array. Common Usage for gaming on PS3 and in-game chat and voice commands. we use it on agile-eye 2-DOF robot for image processing.



No.: 2

The nRF24L01+ (producer: Nordic semiconductor) is a single chip 2.4 GHz transceiver with an embedded baseband protocol engine. good choice for low power application. It use for wireless connections ; and we use it for connect computer controller to agile-eye 2DOF.



No.: 1

The MPU-6000/6050 devices integrate a 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerometer on the same silicon die together with an onboard Digital Motion Processor (DMP). This device have many application in robotics and industrial devices .until now we use it on agile-eye for having feedback from end-effector and stabilizing camera on 2DOF agile-eye.


Universal PCI Card

No.: 1

The MOXA CP-104UL is a top choice of industrial automation engineers and system integrators, and supports many different operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and even Unix. In addition, each of the boards’ RS-232 serial ports supports a superfast 921.6 kbps baud rate. The CP-104UL provides full modem control signals to ensure compatibility with a wide range of serial peripherals, and they work with both 3.3V and 5V PCI buses, allowing the boards to be installed in virtually any available PC server.


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